Atamai Analytics

Geoscience Data Management and Analytics

Atamai Analytics is a US-based company offering data management and data analytics services to the mineral exploration and mining industry. Services offered include:

  • Geoscience database management

  • Geoscience data workflow assessment and optimization

  • acQuire GIMS Suite data management

  • Analytical QAQC setup, assessment, and reporting

  • Commercial assay laboratory auditing

  • Data visualization and dashboards

  • SQL Server training.

Dean Smith is the Founder and a Geoscientist at Atamai Analytics LLC. Dean has more than 20 years’ experience as a Geologist, including at least ten years specializing in the analysis and management of mining and mineral exploration information management systems. Dean has worked on projects and operations across the entire pipeline of mineral exploration and mining from greenfields projects to mining operations in Australia, Africa, North and South America.

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